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The Rolling Thunder Spinnerbaits by Battle Baits is one of the most effective thumper style spinnerbaits ever produced! Relatively new age blade design allows the Rolling Thunder to produce the loudest, most violent thump of any compact spinnerbait on the market. Make no mistake, the turtle shell style blade is not new to the world of bass fishing, but it may be one of its most highly gaurded secrets. These blades comes in silver, black nickle, gold and copper!


The Rolling Thunder Spinnerbaits are created with the same high level of standards we carry throughout the company. Kevlar thread hand tied skirt collars create a superior hold and allow us to create insane fish catching color combinations! Powder coated Pro-Tec powder paint baked to a rock hard finish makes these guys nearly indestructible! Finished with a Mustad Ultra Point Spinnerbait Hook, these guys will deliver the setting and holding power you can count on!


Let the Thunder Roll and tie one on and "Let the Battle Begin!"

Black & Blue

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