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The hand tied "Brush Bomb" is back with a redefined look, new color patterns, and phenomenal features!

        Setting out to build the most effective and efficent brush jig started with building the head around the best jig hook in the business; The "Owner Deep Throat Jig Hook"! This hook is incredibly strong, razor sharp, and has a unique shank bend which makes it nearly impossible for fish to shake! 

      We've recessed the eyes to allow line eye protection, but more importantly stream-lined the head to cut through the thickest cover with ease! We additionally widened the base of the head which allows easier skipping, but more importantly allows the jig to stand up right when contact is made with the bottom! 

      The tapered head design along with the inset lateral lines on the head allow for further distortion of the head and easier transfer of color while matching patterns!

       We are confident the Brush Bomb color patterns,  which are meticulously hand tied, will match the hatch like no jig ever before! 


-Airbrushed Multi-Colored Powder Painted Jig Heads!

-Hand Tied Premium Silicone Skirts!

-Wire Trailer Keepers!

-Owner Deep Throat Jig Hooks!

-Custom Designs Only Available Here!

-American Made in Branson, Missouri!

Black & Gold (BB)

Out of Stock
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