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The Hand Tied Buzzbaits by Battle Baits are a cut above the competition! After over a year in design, testing, tuning and devlopment these guys were ready to dominate your waters like no buzzbait before!

Our incredibly balanced and high riding head design allows this Buzzbait to plane just beneath the water with easy. Although the head design allows for slow rolling like no others, this platform allows for a burning presentation without the roll.

The Battle-Buzz feature top quality components as well as handmade construction, which make them some of the most durable and effective Buzzbaits ever produced! Premium silicone skirts are Hand-Tied with kevlar thread, securing your skirt to your head which will withstand the elements year after year! Premium finish aluminum coated blades provide incredible flash as well as the squeel serious anglers seek! The added "clacker" blade will call fish in from a distance and the top spinning rear blade provides a sense of flash from above shinning through the skirt!


The Battle-Buzz feature a long shank wire trailer keeper system for those who choose to add plastic trailers! Ultra Point Mustad spinnerbait hooks deliever incredible big fish holding power as well as easy, effortless hooksets!

Add the Battle-Buzz to your arsnel and "LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!"

Black Widow - Black Nickel Blade (Buzz)

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