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The original Drop Shot Jig is now made in even lighter weight "Tin"! The team at Battle Baits have spent over a year testing and perfecting this finesse jig to become a bait that will forever influence the way you drop shot! Initally designed and tested targeting suspended bass, this little jig rose to the top as it demonstrated a never before presentation of a skirted bait suspended within a school of fish! It was not until late fall we recognized the versitility of this jig fishing a soft bottom. As our jigging banks and bottom structure became covered in falling leaves and debris, it made it nearly impossible to target bass with a jig as a result of the bait simply engulfing in the soft bottom. With the Drop Shot Jig you can tight line your bait inches above the nasty junk that covers the bottom and keep your bait in the strike zone! We have constructed the powerful little Drop Shot Rig with a hand tied kevlar skirt collar which locks the super soft silicon skirt into place for years to come. Constructed around a premium Gami  2/0 Finesse Jig Hook, these guys deliever razor sharp penatraton on hook sets and big fish holding power! A stainless steel wire trailer keeper locks your plastic into place and improves the life of your trailers! Total jig wieght comes in at 3/32oz which is comprised of super light weight Tin! Its time to open your fishes eyes to the hottest new bait in bass fishing! Tie on the new "Drop Shot Jig" today and "Let the Battle Begin!"

*Plastics shown in photo's are intended for rigging purposes only and are not included with the jigs.

*Shown rigged with a 4.5" Fat Staight Tail Worm "Edge" a product of Roboworm.

Magic Edge (DS)

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