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The Gunner Spinnerbaits have arrived! The team at Battle Baits have been fine tuning these guys for nearly a year with differnt wire sizes, blade designs and head and hook weights. Tuned perfectly and ready for release the Gunner will provide you with a high speed spinnerbait that you can burn like no bladed bait before! 


Battle Baits has takes "Match the Hatch" to a whole new level! The team at Battle Baits designed patterns specifically created to represent forage that big bass are actively feeding on! Whether your exploring a new lake or targeting feeding bass, the Gunner Spinnerbaits from Battle Baits will soon become your confidence search bait!

Constructed with the serious angler in mind, these guys stand alone at the top! Premium  blades spinning freely on quality ball bearing swivels emit a flash that will draw sluggish fish into a reaction strike! Our Hand Tied Skirts feature a Kevlar base to secure these awesome patterns in place for years to come! A Mustad long shank spinnerbait hook delivers solid hook-ups and prevents big fish from throwing this bait!

We've taken the Gunner Spinnerbaits even one step further, with the addition of a wire trailer keeper! This allows you to add your favorite trailer to the back of your bait and present a different look to weary fish! Custom multi-colored airbrushed heads and 3D eyes make these guys come alive in the water! Finally, .35 stainless steel light wire allows this bait to pulse in the water to drive fish crazy!

Take your search bait game to the next level, tie on the Gunner Spinnerbait and "Let the Battle Begin!"

Margarita Mutilator

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