* "Midnight Magic" has to be a personal favorite of the Battle Baits staff as well as anyone who has had the opportunity to throw this pattern! A custom made metallic purple lower half of the skirt reflects not only light, but creates a shadow effect which drives big fish crazy! Developed for night fishing, this pattern has quickly transitioned into an all day fish catching machine!

     Battle Baits has taken the new Thumper Series Spinnerbaits to the next level! The Thumper Series spinnerbaits will "Thump" like no other and call lethargic fish from a distance, causing some of the most explosive strikes you've ever experienced! As all of our customers have come to love and expect, these incredible life-like skirts are hand tied with kevlar thread for superior holding power and strength! Featuring a dual premium blade set up, the rear #6 Turtleback blade thumps in the water column causing big fish to feel the movement and immediately draw towards the bait! Equipped with a premium Mustad Ultra Point Hook,  rock solid powder paint coated heads, and epoxy sealed 3D eyes. We have also added XL wire trailer keepers for those who choose to add swimbaits for added action! The new Thumper Series Spinnerbaits are arguably the best low light and dirty water spinnerbaits available!

The new Thumper Series Spinnerbaits are only available at BattleBaits.com! Get yours today and drop a bomb on the competition!

    Blade Configuration: #6 Black Nickle Turtleback / #3 Black Nickle Colorado

Midnight Magic -Thumper Series

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