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Whether your flipping heavy cover, skipping long docks or working battered brush piles, the Professional Series Flipping Jigs by Battle Baits will quickly become your confidence jig. We have improved on the long standing productive "Arky" design to bring you a jig that is more powerful and productive in heavy cover than any ever produced!


Constructed with a VMC Extra Wide Gap HD Jig Hook, these guys deliver razor sharp hook sets and big fish holding power you can rely on! The Pro Series Flipping Jigs feature a wire trailer keeper, which will secure your trailers like no other Jig on the market! This saves you money on replacing pricey plastic trailers!


Our custom skirts are Hand Tied with Kevlar thread to ensure these guys will be the toughest jigs on the market! Finally the head is airbrushed with a multi-color pattern in rock hard powder paint! Add the Pro Series Flipping Jigs to your arsenal and "Let the Battle Begin!"

Peanut Butter Jelly

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