Introducing the Brush Bomb! Over a year in testing, tuning and modifications have created this semi-compact flipping jig that will blow big bass out of the thickest cover! As the years progress and fish become more conditioned to our baits we must adapt just as well as the big fish we seek! The Brush Bomb provides a level of flipping / heavy cover jig exceeding all on the market. The recessed hook eye design protects your tie point to limit the exposure to line frays while working through the sticks, stumps, docks, pilings, cables or whatever you may encounter when seeking big fish! The Brush Bomb is constructed around a 2x HD Owner Deep Throat Jig Hook, delievering the strongest holding power as well as razor sharp penetration upon the set! Tired of wasting money on expensive plastics? We have added our signature wire trailer keeper to the Brush Bomb as well the lock in your plastics and save you money on replacing blown out baits! Rock hard powder paint airbrushed on into a clean and smooth profile matches our custom skirts to a "T"! And finally the bread and butter of the Brush Bomb is our hand tied series of custom skirts! Matching the hatch nationwide these guys sit alone at the top! Hand wrapped with Kevlar thread these guys are crazy strong, amazingly consistent and match the hatch of your lakes forage no matter where you live! Tie on the Brush Bomb today and "Let the Battle Begin!"

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