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Like nothing ever produced, unleash the "Maniac" inside of you! The Maniac Rig by Battle Baits is the next level of Bladed Swim Jigs! The Maniac Rig combines the two hottest patterns in the bass world, the Bladed Swim Jig and the Underspin! Whether your working grass, hydrilla, docks, ledges, sloping banks or open water, the Maniac Rig drives big fish crazy and will temp the most weary bass into striking out or shear anger! Our team at Battle Baits creates the Maniac Rig with top quality components, which make these more powerful and realistic than any Bladed Swim Jig ever produced!


Constructed with a Mustad Untra Point Spinnerbait Hook, these guys deliver razor sharp hook sets and big fish holding power you can rely on! Our Bladed Swim Jigs feature a wire trailer keeper, which will secure your trailers like no other Jig on the market! This saves you money on replacing pricey plastic trailers! Gold, Silver, Black Nickel and Copper premium blades are used to allow the Maniac to draw big fish from a distance!


Our custom skirts are Hand Tied with Kevlar thread to ensure these guys will be the toughest jigs on the market! This also allows us to re-create true "Match the Hatch" patterns which appear more realistic than any ever produced! Finally, the head is airbrushed with a multi-color pattern in rock hard powder paint! 3D eyes set off this realistic head design and make these guys come to life in the water! Find out what all the buzz is about and add the Maniac Rig to your arsenal and "Let the Battle Begin!"

Pearl Shad

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