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    *Now in packs of 2!

 The Best Prop Heads in the industry are finally here! The new "Helo Heads" are truly going to stand alone at the top. We've taken and constructed the "Helo Heads" with the best components available in the industry. Combined that with the most durable construction process and finished them with incredible attention to detail, which has resulted in bait that is a must have for serious anglers nationwide!

    Mid-sized to compact swimbait fishing has been an outstanding pattern for years for anglers targeting finicky fish. The "Helo Heads" provide you the ability to take your swimbait game to the next level by adding not only flash but noise and vibration to your presentation. With nearly an entire year of pre-fishing the Helo Head prior to release, we have discovered the Helo Heads ability to produce in nearly every situation. 

  •    Contructed with an Owner needle point jig hook, the Helo Heads provide some of the easiest hook sets around!
  • XL wire trailer keepers are hand tied to the shank of the hook and epoxy sealed to hold in place!
  • Premium plated blades provide us with patterns and options only available to us!
  • Epoxy sealed eyes and durable powder paint provide unmatched durability!


Tie on the New "Helo Head" today and "Let the Battle Begin!"


2 Pack) Candy Perch (Gold Blade)

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