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***New Style extended wire trailer keeper!***

Whether thrown alone or as part of your umbrella rig, the Pro Series Swimbait Heads deliver big results in a small package! Throwing them paired with swimbaits, grubs, flukes or any other style of plastic trailer, these guys allow you to represent some of the most realistic and subtle patterns on the water!

Constructed with Mustad Ultra Point Jig hooks, these guys deliver easy hook sets on the most "short-striking" of bass! A wire trailer keeper allows these guys the secure your plastics with easy, without busting our the front of your trailers like the bulky lead competitors! Our extremely realistic heads are airbrushed with powered paint to create a durable yet extremely realistic profile in the water! 3D epoxy sealed eye allow any added plastic trailer to come to life!

The exposed hook Swimbait Heads by Battle Baits will provide the edge you need on your next outing! Thrown alone or thrown as part of a umbrella rig, put them to the test and "Let the Battle Begin!"


**Plastics shown in the photo are for rigging demonstation purposes only and are not included in the sale. Shown is a 3/8oz head rigged with a 3.8" Keitech Fat Swing Impact in "Pro Blue Red"!


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