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The new "Commando Series" Spinnerbaits by Battle Baits are here and ready to invade your local waters! Simply screw on your favorite swimbait and go to work! We've taken our time testing and developing this spinnerbait to bring what many have come to believe is one of the best spinnerbaits on the market!


The Commando Spinnerbaits feature a multi layer airbrushed powder paint jig head which delivers incredible realism & unmatched durability! Premium blades and components offered in a variaty of finishes, harness the ability to draw fish from a distance and strike. The speed and profile of Willow Blades allow you to cover water quickly or fish deep and stay down in the strike zone!


We've built these dynamic baits around a .35 grade stainless wire frame which yields ultimate vibration and durability in the water! Paired with stainless steel ball bearing swivels, stainless screwlock trailer keepers and black nickel Mustad Ultra Point Hooks, we are convinced you cannot find a better Spinnerbait on the market!


Blade sizes are #3.5 Willow interior and #4.5 exterior Willow!

"Let the Battle Begin!"

Tennesse Shad (Commando Series)

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