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Originally based in gin clear waters of Southern Oregon, we set out to reinvent the industry of "Match the Hatch" patterns! As of 2021, we relocated to Branson Missouri and continue to press the envelope in innovation while focusing serious bass anglers!


With a background in fly fishing and a love for Bass Fishing, we took to the tying vise to create patterns that would change the way we all see our Baits! We found the ability to create skirting patterns that truly represent the forage we were trying to match and yet obtain an incredible durability on our Baits like no others! We were quickly making our name in the industry but we did not want to stop there!


Listening to our customers throughout the country, we have been able to set our Baits apart from all others by making improvements on long standing productive presentations. As fishermen ourselves, we identified the frustrations surrounding wasted plastic trailers due to bulky lead keepers. With the assistance of custom mold makers, we've re-invented our heads to have wire trailer keepers to help you fish more effectively on the water and save money!


Premium hooks, paint, blades and eyes and swivels are used in the construction of our Baits to exceed the established norm of the industry. We appreciate our customers and listen to their feedback, which has allowed us to create patterns that now dominate throughout the United States. All tackle is individually handcrafted and detail oriented which results in the best American made tackle in the industry!

We thank you for choosing Battle Baits, now "Let the Battle Begin!"

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