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Introducing the New Cyclops Underspins


These awesome line-thru underspins offer a new way to add flash, add weight and add fish to your next trip! Simply slide one on your line, add a bobber stopper and tie on nearly any bait you want! We have included two tabs of bobber stops in every package to allow to re-rig these guys multiple times! 

The design of the cyclops underspin allows nearly any bait to become an underspin! From 9" swimbaits rigged with 12/0 hooks, down to 1" swimbaits rigged on size #1 hooks, the possiblities are endless! 


*We strongly recommend running the cyclops underspin 2"-4" in front of any texas rigged swimbait. Over the course of the past year we have had incredible results fishing with them in this rigging fashion and are confident you will as well!


*Every pack will include 2 Cyclops Underspins and 2 tabs of bobber stops! No hooks are included within the package.


*Blades are #3 premium spectrum finish plated blades and roller bearing swivels!

2 Pack) Cyclops Underspins

$7.99 Regular Price
$6.99Sale Price
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