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The compact, powerhouse of a swimbait head you have been looking for has finally arrived! 

Built around a razor sharp, heavier gauge wire Gamakatsu jig hook, the days of straightened hooks are behind you. Hook sets remain easy on lite line and refuse to bend under the the stress and tention of big fish. Our coveted head design provides incredible realism like no other swimbait head on the market. Smaller screwlock bait keepers hold even the softest plastics secure and save you money and torn trailers! Perfect for those swimbaits in the 2.8" to 4.3" range.

Currently available in 3/16th oz with a 2/0 Hook & 5/16th oz with a 3/0 Hook.

*Pack includes 3 Commando Swimbait Heads!

3 pack) "Pearl White" Commando Swimbait Heads

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