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We've taken our incredibly balanced Spinnerbait head design and incorporated it into the toughest swim jig ever produced! Built around a 2X Heavy Ultra point black nickel jig hook, these jigs will provide unsurpassed power while locked into big fish! Our custom super soft silicone skirts are meticulously Hand Tied with Kevlar thread! This doesn't only provide unsurpassed durability, but allows us to create layered skirts which truly give patterns depth and make your jig come to LIFE! Airbrushed powder coated jig heads provide an incredible finish that not only provides superb durability, but also makes these heads come alive in the water. We individually epoxy seal each 3D in place to ensure the look of your jig remains perfect for years to come! One of the best aspects of these jigs are the XL stainless wire trailer keeper! These keepers will lock your trailers in and alleviate the need for super glue! Providing you more time catching fish and less time fixing broken plastics!

  • 2X Heavy Ultra Point Black Nickel Hooks!
  • Hand Tied Super Soft Silicone Skirts!
  • Rock Hard Pro-Tec Powder Paint!
  • XL Stainless Wire Trailer Keepers!

Your time on the water matters, fish the best! Fish Battle Baits!

Battle Bream (SJ)

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