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Likely the most effective way you will finesse fish moving forward! The "Drop Dead Ned"was developed as a way to make the Ned Rig even more deadly. This jig has quickly excelled and reached a focus point for many anglers as a finesse jig as well. Constructed around a 2/0 VMC Barbarian Jig Hook these guys possess the ability to set with razor sharp power on light line, yet afford the big fish holding power you can count on. The twisted wire weedgaurd provides the correct strength to deflect snags, yet is soft enough to crush under the lightest bites from fish. Wire weedgaurds provide great trailer holding strength that improve the longevity of your plastics! Finally the super soft finesse skirt i hand tied with kevlar thread which will last and hold longer than wire! Add the "Drop Dead Ned" to your arsnal and "Let the Battle Begin!"

Border Craw *DDN

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