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   The New Generation2 Weedless Underspin by Battle Baits have arrived! A brand new custom designed head with over a year of testing and development flat out out preform the previous style! 

Constructed around a 2x Mustad EWG Ultra Point Hook, the Gen2 Weedless Underspin delivers solid holding power against any fish you may face!

   A new wide head design allows the bait to be "killed" on retrieve and remain in an upright position drawing bites from finicky fish! Also a pivoting spring keeper design opens up the bite gap distance which results in a higher percentage of hook ups! 

   A rear molded underspin harness is the perfect weight that allows your swimbait to be presented as a wobbling / wounded baitfish during the retrieve! Premium ball bearing swivels and blades allow these little guys to emit a spinning flash that calls fish from a distance! Powder paint airbrushed heads deliver the strongest and most realistic paint jobs on the market and epoxy sealed 3D eyes make these guys come alive!

**Swimbaits shown in the background of the photo are not included in the sale and are shown for rigging purposes only.

*Qty 1 per pack. 

Real Shad “Gold" Weedless Underspin

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